40 Pounds Happier

I've been debating writing a post about this for the last couple of weeks now, but decided to go for it! When I moved to Atlanta last summer, I was extremely unhappy with my body. I was eating unhealthy, didn't have a steady workout routine, and didn't think I could ever get back to the way I looked before college.

In college, I created a lifestyle of eating fast food regularly, never working out, and not ever watching how much I was eating or drinking in a day. I didn't realize how unhappy it was making me. I was so self-conscious and didn't have the desire to even try to fix it because I didn't think anything would work. In college, I didn't really take the time to realize how much that kind of lifestyle was affecting not only my body, but my mood as well.


I moved to Atlanta in June 2017 and am living with my childhood best friend, Krissy. She has always been super fit and always had a desire to eat healthy and stay in shape. She was a huge motivation for me. Around July 2017, I decided it was really time for me to take control of my lifestyle and make a big change. 

I began working out a couple times a week and eating healthy meals everyday. It took a long time for me to notice even a slight change, but I did not want to give up because it was already making me feel so much better and I had way more energy than I did before. 

I have stayed consistent with eating healthy and working out for the past year now and have lost almost 40 pounds. I feel better than ever and am so much more confident than I have ever been. People have been asking me if I did any crazy dieting or workout plans, but the truth is I just did it the most natural way so that the weight would stay off- eating healthy and working out on a daily basis. 

My day now feels incomplete if I don't hit the gym for at least 45 minutes. On my off days, I still find time to be active with simple things like walking my dog or doing a short workout in my apartment. 


On a regular day I drink a green smoothie after my coffee in the morning, a salad kit for lunch, and a quinoa bowl for dinner! My snacks are usually a granola bar or a banana.

Smoothie Recipe: Handful of spinach/kale, a whole banana, your choice of berries, tbsp of almond/peanut butter, tbsp chia seeds, and a cup of almond milk

Quinoa Bowl: Half a cup of quinoa, roasted veggies preheat at 400 and cook in olive oil for 40 mins (I usually do kale with either brussels sprouts or cauliflower), shrimp or salmon (sometimes I do chicken), half an avocado, and sriracha

My daily workout usually consists of running at least 2 miles, then hitting the bike for 20 minutes, and then I'll usually find a workout on Pinterest or any workout by Kayla Itsines for either my arms, legs, or abs. Once every week or other week, I have also been doing SoulCycle class. I am OBSESSED y'all. If you have a SoulCycle studio near you, I highly recommend taking a class, they are so much fun.


It is now July 2018 and I am so much happier with my lifestyle and am even training for my first half marathon in New York City on October 20th!!

Thank you all for reading and let me know if you have any questions!!