You Gotta Get a Little Dirty to Get Clean

You Gotta Get a Little Dirty to Get Clean

I recently discovered that coffee is the answer to everything. Whether you’re drinking it, smelling it or putting it on your face, coffee cures everything from sleepiness to skin impurities.


Let me be frank… a little tough love can go a long way and the truth is, all of us have our imperfections. It may be acne we can’t fix, scars that never seem to heal or cellulite that won’t disappear. Whatever it may be, I feel your pain – and we’re not alone. I can assure you that even the most beautiful people in the world have flaws and are still looking for a solution.


Sometimes it requires mixing up your daily or weekly skincare routine to see the results you’re looking for. I was recently introduced to a coffee scrub that seems to be the answer to all of my problems. Thanks to Frank‘s organic, coffee-based skincare products (available in body, face and lip scrubs, just to name a few) I can now go an entire week without wearing an ounce of makeup.

Thanks to Frank, I finally feel like the best version of myself.

When my friends and I decided to stay home one night and have the definition of a girls night in, we were still a bit skeptical about putting coffee on our faces. But once we slipped into our VS pajamas, corked a bottle of wine, and popped in a chick flick, we were ready to meet Frank face-to-face.


Just like coffee wakes you up on the inside, it can wake you up on outside, too. Skincare should be simple, but usually it’s not. Scrubbing some coffee on your face and body may sound a little unconventional, but what’s normal these days?

Frank keeps it simple with his main ingredient: roasted and ground robusta coffee beans. The high caffeine content of these freshly ground beans stimulates blood flow, which targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne and scarring.


My girlfriends and I have struggled with our own individual skin problems for years. From acne, to discoloration or oily skin, Frank emerged as the perfect remedy for each of us.

Frank’s Body Scrub is available in four different flavors, including Original, Coconut, Cacao, and Peppermint. Each flavor offers moisture, antioxidants or energy. Find the #frankeffect that’s perfect for you at


Still looking for the perfect guy to bring home? Frank’s a keeper. If not for you, Frank’s Body scrub is the perfect gift to give, and not to mention his cheap price!

Frankly, there’s nothing better than scrubbing your worries away with Frank. Don’t believe me? Check out for more information.

Much love…